designerAli Tavakoli has been a highly successful ballroom dance instructor and choreographer for over 15 yrs.
   He has graced the film world in addition to the stage with his unique choreography.
     Ali holds numerous top ranking black belt titles in multiple styles of martial arts and graduated  with a degree in engineering.
       With his diverse skills and talents, overwhelming motivation and incredible creativity, Ali created the Elegance Shoe Company in 1992.
        With his cutting edge style and cushion insoles,
          Ali revolutionized the dance world and provided dancers with ultimate comfort and support. But Ali’s sights were still set much higher.
           He wasn’t satisfied with limiting his market to just dance shoes, so he launched his own original Kela Ci brand in 2003.
             First he brought super flexible insoles that bend from every angle for ultimate flexibility and comfort.
              He recently launched his new line of high end sunglasses and apparel and has opened his market up to distributors worldwide.
               In addition, Ali now has the manufacturing to accommodate any kind of products with any kind of designs,
        from shoes to apparel to accessories. Ali’s main goal is to promise   his customers top quality fashion and designs at a fraction of the cost of the name brands.